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The word masturbator does show up on one side several times

On Broadway, the role was originated by Natalie Venetia Belcon. Show’s creators, Jeff Marx and Robert Lopez, have said the Coleman character personifies one of Avenue Q’s central themes: that as children we are told we are “special”, but upon entering adulthood we discover that life is not nearly as easy as we have been […]

All you need to ingest is zeolite and MSM

Griffith made his landmark film, Birth of a Nation, in 1915. This piece about the Civil War and its aftermath was hugely successful, and remains one of movie making pioneering Credit: public domainmoments.However, the film was based on a novel, The Klansman, which glorified the Ku Klux Klan as a chivalrous organization of law, order, […]

A bizarre thing to feel like someone isn really looking at you

This movie does exactly what it sets out to do. However, this is certainly not much of a “couples’ movie” at all. The problem is that the scenes don’t really make all that sense, and some people may definitely point that out. So, the scent isn’t amazing, and to that I will add the way […]

Denham has had the secret sauce to keep his constituents happy

No fucking white horses and carriages and certainly no heaven knows how expensive dresses for my daughters. No 1000 foot walk to the altar in a cathedral. We probably spend less on the entire event than this woman (or should I say the people of England?) spent on her bouquet. Our take: According to the […]

I know that it says it is waterproof

Vera Bradley Travel Pill Case Painted Medallions 4.5×3.25″ NewVera Bradley Travel Pill Case , Painted Medallions, 4.5 x 3.25 x 1.5″ closed Zippered closure. Or Physician info, etc Plastic daily compartmentalized pill(s) holder. This holder is removeable if you wanted to use this case for jewelry, makeup, other Blue/periwinkle with orange, red, turquoise, yellow, green […]

We had a number of years where people have been able to throw

I think the big thing in the Canadian sector is we finally going to separate the winners from the losers. We had a number of years where people have been able to throw up business plans and get financed on the hopes and dreams of what they been able to do. I think now that […]

The worst kind of drunk to talk to

I have serious problems becoming sexually aroused without fantasizing about certain BDSM like scenarios. I been having fantasies of that sort for a really long time years before I even knew what BDSM was so I was thinking that my problem might just be that I used to these types of fantasies and only fairly […]